Top 10 Best Free Movie Downloads Websites 2017

Top 10 Best Free Movie Downloads Websites 2017
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Searching for best sites to download movies for free? You are in the right place then.  As, team of Best Sites Today is sharing free movie downloading sites from which you can download movies for free. Most of guys look for site to download new movies for free. In this post, we will discuss about best free movie download sites. I know there are many users who are still on slow internet speed and can’t really stream movies online at high speed. Even, team of Best Sites Today recommends slow internet connection users to use these free movie downloads websites.

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Everybody loves movies. From small children to old grandfathers, everyone loves to watch movies. It’s considered as THE best form of entertainment  available right now.  There are a wide variety of movies out there, a movie can be relaxing, it can be informative, it can teach moral values, but the biggest thing of all is that it’s entertaining. Watching a movie is a great way to spend time with your family or loved ones. Movies give us a way to take our mind off our stress-filled lives and fully enjoy ourselves for more than 2 lovely hours. It is the best entertainment to refresh our mood and mind. Recently, we had also shared best torrent sites for torrenting.

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The conventional way of watching a movie is by going to a movie theater or a multiplex and paying more than 300Rs for a single movie. Even if you can afford to pay this much for a single movie, there are many disadvantages in this system. Let me list them one by one

  1. One has to travel all the way to the theater and in cities, the traffic is a real burden. 
  2. The cost of movies is really high in big theaters, the common man can’t afford that.
  3. We can only watch it a single time. If you liked the movie , you need to pay again if you wanted to watch it once more.
  4. We have to schedule our time to watch a movie

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Fret not, there is a simple solution to all this difficulties, and that is, downloading movies from online movie download sites for free. Using this method all you have to do is just click the ” download” button and download your favorite movies. Lets now look at the advantage of using Free movie download sites in order to get and watch your favorite movies. 

  1. No need to travel to a theatre and no need to tackle any traffic
  2. You need not pay even a single penny. It’s all FREE
  3. We can watch in multiple times. There is simply no limit
  4. We can watch it whenever we want , wherever we want

Many would say streaming is better than downloading. That’s not true. Most of the streaming sites are fake and are just methods to make you click on their ads. Moreover, for people with slow internet connection, streaming is out of the question .

There are literally hundreds of free movie downloads sites out there and every one of them claims that they are the best movie downloading site. But the truth is that a major portion of those self-proclaimed movie downloading sites are fake. They are just made to get traffic for their advertisers. Most of them makes users click through various links and any unsuspecting user will click on their links thinking that they will be able to download their favorite movie for free. Only after a few clicks you will get that this website is gonna give you any movie. You can also check out free movies streaming sites.

There are only a handful of sites that actually let you download the latest movies for free. And It takes a lot of time to find those sites among all the fakes , it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. 

But Don’t worry , we did that job for you! We have searched and found the top 10 best sites that lets you download the latest movies , for free. 

Let’s not waste any more time, let’s look at the list of 10 Best sites to download movies for free

Top 10 Best Sites For Free Movie Downloads 2017


Divx Crawler is on top of our list of free movie download sites. Their site has a nice layout of yellow and blue in a white background. The movies are listed nicely in a table format, with the recent uploads on top and a direct link is given near each movie. The site also gives us various info on the movies, like Recommended movie Player, Movie Format, Movie Size , brief plot etc. There is very little ads and no annoying popups at all. Apart from  downloading your favourite movies, this site also gives a streaming facility to top movies. Apart from downloading movies you can also get various softwares like audio tools, codecs, decoders , filters, launchers , subtitles etc


Out of all the movie downloading sites that i have used, this one stands out just because of its design. It has a nice blue in black theme which makes it easy to choose your movie and download it. There are very little ads, but there are some popups. Each movie has a dedicated page in their website, where date of release, genre, size , resolution etc are listed along with the official poster and pictures of the cast. Direct download links are provided. The website also has a handy search feature. Link to MyDownloadTube


This site is an all-rounder when it comes to movie download sites.The website has a blog like layout and a nice pink and white theme.The admin uploads latest movie links very frequently. All the latest movies are listed along with official poster , imdb review link, trailer link, cast and a synopsis.The site has limited ads and popups. Apart from movies, there is also a wide range of Pc games, Pc softwares, Music , Online games, android games, wallpapers etc . Like i said, an all rounder. Link to


This site is also useful in terms of ease of use and collection of movies.It has a design similar to worldfree4u.Don’t let the name fool you, this site has a lot more to offer than 300 mb movies, this site started with 300 mb movies and hence the name.There are floating ads in this site that are irritating at times. This site is also updated daily. It also has various other things apart from free movies, like HEVC movies, pc and android games etc. Link to

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Moviescrib has a decent and minimal design. The website is fast loading.It has a handy search feature.The movie names are arranged in a table in the homepage with links. Information like Release date, genre , duration, size are provided. Multiple download links with the number of times it was downloaded is given.This feature lets us to know which link is popular so that we can choose it.They have a good database with recent movies. Link to

This site has a ugly design , but it has a big collection of Hollywood movies. Moreover most of the links are HD 1080p quality.Site also provides korean movies. The website also features a handy “Movie Request” feature using which anyone can request the admin to add any movie that is not uploaded till now.The webmaster also included clear instructions as to how to download any movie. Link to


This website sports thousands of Free movies and Tv shows . It has a nice search feature and filter feature to filter movies across genres, year or according to name etc. The TV episodes are updated regularly as they are aired.Its easy to download any TV show in this site So everybody can watch the episodes of their favourite TV shows , in case you like to watch it again or if you missed it when it was aired. Link to Tubeplus

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This is another popular Movie downloading website. It has a nice collection of movies and Television shows. One can find Hollywood , Bollywood , Tamil movies in this website. There are irritating ads and popups and the site seems to be taking some time to load. Link to


This is a movie downloading site made by indians.It has a design of a search engine for movies. The site has a collection of movies , music , wallpapers waiting to be downloaded. It also has a radio feature.Information like ratings, number of downloads, video/audio quality of downloaded movie are provided. Link to


Yes , YouTube, the video sharing giant, owned by Google is the last in our list. Believe it or not, they do have a huge collection of movies uploaded by various people. We can easily download movies from Youtube by using third party Youtube downloaders. The only reason this is in the bottom of our list of Top 10 Best movie download sites is that the youtube team deletes full length movies due to issues of piracy. Moreover not ALL the movies are uploaded in youtube. Link to Youtube


So guys, In this post I have tried my best to list the Top 10 Best sites to download movies for free.I have shared my favourite list of websites that i personally use to download movies. So What are you waiting for? Pick one, find your favorite movie and hit that download button.


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